Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stimulating Ad from Stimorol,

Dear Stimorol,

I was cruising around some other blogs and stumbled across this ad for a South African gum company called Stimorol. Before I even get started on the actual ad I just have to say that it really blows my mind how much gum companies spend on advertising. Think about in the last 24hours of your life how many gum ads you've been exposed to and I can guess that its at least 2 or 3 TV spots, probably 1 or 2 Out of Home ads on your way to work and probably a couple of in-store ads.

Whether its Stride trying to knock a piece of gum out of your mouth because of its everlasting flavour or 5 gum speaking to the intense refreshment you get from chewing a piece. Either way these gum are always active in market with their advertising efforts which can only lead me to assume that this is a cut throat industry to compete in and only the "freshest" ideas will survive.

The 'War on Gums' is a whole other blog and for the time being I just wanted to share this ad from South Africa proposing a whole new hair blowing type of refreshment. Great spot Olgilvy SA


Monday, October 26, 2009

Guinness Owns Halloween

Dear Guiness,

Of all the holidays to own Guiness chooses Halloween? I have to commend the folks at Tempo Advertising for selling this strategy through to the folks at Guiness head office. While most beer brands choose summer partying, cottages, hockey, football and St. Patty's Day to align with Guiness has taken a run at Halloween and seems to have won the holiday uncontested.

Guiness's run at owning Halloween started a few years ago and seems to have successfully aligned with the day (which just happens to be one of my favourite holidays). I think that this unconventional approach speaks volumes about the brand and its willingness to disassociate itself from the rest of the beer industry.

Most recently this print ad just launched and should help continue to tighten Guiness's strangle hold on the Halloween season.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vitamin Water Olympics,

Dear Vitamin Water,

With the Olympics right around the corner Vitamin Water just launched a viral video attaching the popular Coke brand Vitamin Water with 6 top Canadian athletes who will be competing in Vancouver 2010. I've seen Anchorman more than 5 times and can draw more than a few similarities between the spot and the movie. While this definitely calls into question the originality of the idea, Coke has done a great job balancing this out with the blatent use of product shots and over the top Vitamin Water commentary throughout the video. "Triple X is the name of the drink, I don't know if you caught that."

Currently the video on YouTube has attracted a meager 980 hits so I'm not sure if Coke is getting the return they were looking for. With 3 months remaining until the Olympics who knows what they have up their sleeve to support this effort and help make it a success.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where's Dexter

Dear Showcase,

I want to apologize for not including you in my post about HBO. I got so wrapped up in Entourage and True Blood that I completely forgot the joy you bring me through Dexter and Californication. Not only are you producing a quality tv show but your advertising over the past year or so has been outstanding. Most recently, I caught the YouTube based game called 'Where's Dexter'? The premise of the game is (not surprisingly) finding Dexter in an assortment of scenes/situations.

While 'Where's Dexter' is not a huge stretch on the creative side using YouTube's click through technology, I still have to give it up to the folks who created and approved this off the beaten path tactic for a TV show. I can honestly say that I never played an online Grey's Anatomy Operation game or a YouTube 'Choose Your Own Adventure' for lost. Here's hoping that regular TV is taking note of what a creative promotion could do for a series premiere.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

That Advertisings Sooooooo Gay

Dear Mr. Sub,

I understand that you are taking some heat over your latest campaign created by Bos. Don't get me wrong I completely agree with you that Bos should be sleping on the couch for the next little while over the lash back you are taking from the press and specifically the gay community but I feel like the firing is a little harsh. This suggests to me that you weren't in the room approving the scripts for this campaign? Or that some how Mr. Sub tricked you into letting them shoot the spot? For all of the great work that Bos has done for you over the years this is how you repay them?

I just hope that this doesn't scare Mr. Sub away from continuing to do the racey type of ads that have always differentiated the brand from Subway(re: the terrible ads with the monkeys running in Canada). While I don't agree with the insight 'no surprises?' I would hate to see a great brand like Mr. Sub hesitate at all because of the bad press. Bottom line is that you are never going to appeal to everyone (my blog included).