Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stimulating Ad from Stimorol,

Dear Stimorol,

I was cruising around some other blogs and stumbled across this ad for a South African gum company called Stimorol. Before I even get started on the actual ad I just have to say that it really blows my mind how much gum companies spend on advertising. Think about in the last 24hours of your life how many gum ads you've been exposed to and I can guess that its at least 2 or 3 TV spots, probably 1 or 2 Out of Home ads on your way to work and probably a couple of in-store ads.

Whether its Stride trying to knock a piece of gum out of your mouth because of its everlasting flavour or 5 gum speaking to the intense refreshment you get from chewing a piece. Either way these gum are always active in market with their advertising efforts which can only lead me to assume that this is a cut throat industry to compete in and only the "freshest" ideas will survive.

The 'War on Gums' is a whole other blog and for the time being I just wanted to share this ad from South Africa proposing a whole new hair blowing type of refreshment. Great spot Olgilvy SA


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