Monday, October 26, 2009

Guinness Owns Halloween

Dear Guiness,

Of all the holidays to own Guiness chooses Halloween? I have to commend the folks at Tempo Advertising for selling this strategy through to the folks at Guiness head office. While most beer brands choose summer partying, cottages, hockey, football and St. Patty's Day to align with Guiness has taken a run at Halloween and seems to have won the holiday uncontested.

Guiness's run at owning Halloween started a few years ago and seems to have successfully aligned with the day (which just happens to be one of my favourite holidays). I think that this unconventional approach speaks volumes about the brand and its willingness to disassociate itself from the rest of the beer industry.

Most recently this print ad just launched and should help continue to tighten Guiness's strangle hold on the Halloween season.


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