Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vitamin Water Olympics,

Dear Vitamin Water,

With the Olympics right around the corner Vitamin Water just launched a viral video attaching the popular Coke brand Vitamin Water with 6 top Canadian athletes who will be competing in Vancouver 2010. I've seen Anchorman more than 5 times and can draw more than a few similarities between the spot and the movie. While this definitely calls into question the originality of the idea, Coke has done a great job balancing this out with the blatent use of product shots and over the top Vitamin Water commentary throughout the video. "Triple X is the name of the drink, I don't know if you caught that."

Currently the video on YouTube has attracted a meager 980 hits so I'm not sure if Coke is getting the return they were looking for. With 3 months remaining until the Olympics who knows what they have up their sleeve to support this effort and help make it a success.


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