Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where's Dexter

Dear Showcase,

I want to apologize for not including you in my post about HBO. I got so wrapped up in Entourage and True Blood that I completely forgot the joy you bring me through Dexter and Californication. Not only are you producing a quality tv show but your advertising over the past year or so has been outstanding. Most recently, I caught the YouTube based game called 'Where's Dexter'? The premise of the game is (not surprisingly) finding Dexter in an assortment of scenes/situations.

While 'Where's Dexter' is not a huge stretch on the creative side using YouTube's click through technology, I still have to give it up to the folks who created and approved this off the beaten path tactic for a TV show. I can honestly say that I never played an online Grey's Anatomy Operation game or a YouTube 'Choose Your Own Adventure' for lost. Here's hoping that regular TV is taking note of what a creative promotion could do for a series premiere.


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