Tuesday, October 6, 2009

That Advertisings Sooooooo Gay

Dear Mr. Sub,

I understand that you are taking some heat over your latest campaign created by Bos. Don't get me wrong I completely agree with you that Bos should be sleping on the couch for the next little while over the lash back you are taking from the press and specifically the gay community but I feel like the firing is a little harsh. This suggests to me that you weren't in the room approving the scripts for this campaign? Or that some how Mr. Sub tricked you into letting them shoot the spot? For all of the great work that Bos has done for you over the years this is how you repay them?

I just hope that this doesn't scare Mr. Sub away from continuing to do the racey type of ads that have always differentiated the brand from Subway(re: the terrible ads with the monkeys running in Canada). While I don't agree with the insight 'no surprises?' I would hate to see a great brand like Mr. Sub hesitate at all because of the bad press. Bottom line is that you are never going to appeal to everyone (my blog included).


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