Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Anytime, Anywhere

Dear Huggies,

I just saw some iterations of your 'Anytime, Anywhere' campaign for Huggies produced by Ogilvy in S.Paulo. I commend the work on its simplicity and give kudos to the clients for realizing that those little bundles of joy say enough with their cute little faces than a bigger logo and body copy ever could.

In addition to the aesthetics of the ads, I discovered that each image used was actually found on Flickr. Why use those conceded baby models when a natural photo can be found on one of many social media sites. I think that this may open up a new can of worms in the world of photography and how social media can be used in the future of advertising. This may not be a route that every brand would want to take but their are definitely some brands that thrive to use everyday people in everyday situations; Canadian Tire (currently promoting a contest on Flickr), Pedigree Dog Food (pictures of puppies playing), Bauer Hockey Equipment (showing kids at their first game), DeWalt Tools (guys building a deck or a cottage).

Honestly the list is endless as to how you could use something like a Flickr to promote your product to the everyday person, by actually using everyday people for once. But why stop at Flickr? Could advertisers use posts on Twitter for an out of home campaign? Blogger articles as PR releases (please someone pick this up)? Movie reviews on Rotten Tomatoes instead of actual critics?

The point being that like YouTube there are a number of ways we can leverage social media to work for brands across a number of mediums. I for one look forward to the next level of social media's impact on marketing as we know it.


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