Friday, July 24, 2009

Flash Back Fridays

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the first edition of 'Flash Back Fridays'! Where we take a look at some advertising from the days of yore. I'll do my best to try and give you an idea of what I feel is the true insight to each ad and try to figure out how and why some of these ads were ever made. Remember the eighties? Man that was a crazy time in advertising. So get ready for a walk down memory lane mixed with a little bit nostalgia and a dash of mind blowing amazingness!

The whole reason I was inspired to add FBF's into the mix is because of the latest Heinz campaign celebrating their 100th anniversary. Heinz is running a number of 30s showing some of their favourite ads they used in the past. It only seems fitting that the first installment be a Heinz ad.

Recognize that guy? That's right it's Matthew Leblanc from that moderately sucessful show Friends. I bet you didn't know that at one point in his life this guy was in all kinds of commercials wearing sweet plaid shirts and not taking sh*t from anyone. For instance why would Matt waste his time putting ketchup on his hot dog like a regular person when he can lean a bottle of Heinz over the side of a building and get his Heniz that way. Heinz is delicious on Hot Dogs already but just how much more delicious it would be if it was poured off the top of a building.

Happy 100th Heinz.


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