Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Love Local Commercials

Dear Microbilt,

I just saw your latest sponsorship via Advertising Age's Top 10 Viral Video Countdown. I have to congratulate Microbilt for finding an alternative form of a sponsorship like this. Not only have they come up with relevant messaging around the sponsorship but Micrbilt has also developed a strategy and executed creative that is relevant to their direct market.

But the best part about this entire campaign is the number of terrible local spots you can watch on the I Love Local Commercials site. Here are some of my favourites. You're welcome.

Norton Furniture - What's that frog doing on the couch? I hope he doesn't come alive. Hey wait a minute...who's that guy with the scissors. My head hurts.

"Credit McDaddy" - I can only imagine the conversation went a little something like this: "I know what the kids are into these days...rap music. This can't miss."

"Mike Gallagher" - WOW. Good voice over at the end.


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