Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Diet Coke and Duffy,

Dear Diet Coke,

You and I both know that celebrity endorsements have kind of always been your thing. Aside from your brand efforts there has always been someone helping you hock your product and over the years you have looked to pop music icons to help spike your sales. This entry isn't about bashing the fact that you use celebrities to help boost sales, I see the benefit in using today's it girls and guys, instead its about why the creative always seems to be so bad. Take your latest installment featuring Duffy:

I spent the whole time I watched this ad trying to figure out why she was on that bike and why a ten speed? Through song she explains to us that she's got to be free thus the reason she has stolen this bike and decided to go for a joy ride through a grocery store!?!?

My thought is that all of the pop icons Diet Coke has used over the years have a little bit more of a personality than just being singing puppets. Why not explore this? Here's a look of some other classics from Diet Coke:

There has got to be more to our pop music stars than this. All I'm asking the creative team to do is dig a little deeper.


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