Thursday, August 6, 2009

There's a New Joker in Town

Dear Obama,

My mother always said that when people criticise you it just means they are jealous and I for one still believe it. Aside from the criticisms on CNN, Fox News, BBC and honestly the list goes on and on it is the Artistic community that has heavily involved themselves in politics these days. It started with the Obama 'Hope' poster (Did you pay that guy?) and now the latest installment the Obama 'Joker' poster that includes just one word 'socialism.'

Not going to lie Obama this doesn't look good especially considering how nice the work is. My Halloween costume would have been that much better if I would have had this unnamed Art Director doing my make-up. These posters have been popping up all over LA and other neighbouring major cities in an attempt to deface Obama (see what I did there).

All I have to say is 'Why so serious?'


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