Friday, August 28, 2009

Flash Back Friday - Back to School

Dear Readers,

Its that time of year again. Days seem to be getting a little shorter, evenings a little cooler and all of our beloved mediums have been flooded with back to school advertising. While there is not much funny nor good work form the back to school archives I figured the best example was this spot for Staples that has been in use since the mid 90's.

A lot of back to school advertisements focused on the children and savings parents good enjoy during this time. Staples took it to the next level by focusing on the sheer joy parents feel when back to school time roles around. Yes I think its about time for a refresh but you have to say that this is a classic.


HEADS UP - Next week we will be dedicating all of our posts to back to school tips for students and graduates regarding the Ad Industry.

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