Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Canadian Olympics

Dear Nike,

The Olympics are coming to town. And while the McDonalds ad featuring Patrick Chan did not get me pumped for it I just watched your first Nike hockey Olympics spot and aside from being 'I am Canadian'esque, I am motivated to go and get my skates sharpened. This motivation does not only come from the fact that I am Canadian (and born on a frozen pond) but because I feel the creative team on this managed to 'skate' a fine line between ridiculousness (maple syrup and log cabins)and how Canadians really feel about there sport. On top of this, the spot managed to lend itself nicely to the Olympics without becoming only about the biggest stage in sports.

Olympics aside the tagline used to sum up the spot captures the essence of the Nike brand without being overbearing - Force Fate. What better way to leave nothing to chance by taking control to ensure you 'Force Fate'.

The pressure is certainly on for Team Canada to produce on our home turf. Until the first puck drops I look forward to watching more Olympic ads like this.


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