Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Casino Rama wants your vote...

Dear Casino Rama,

While I am all for excitement I struggle to be all for your current campaign. Let me get this straight I have to vote yes or no on whether I am for excitement...well that seems like a pretty easy answer who wouldn't want to vote 'yes' for...wait a minute I get it now this is kind of like opposite day where up is down and left is right and voting no to excitement is just plain ludicrous.

I want to start off by thanking Casino Rama and their AOR Marshall Fenn Communications for treating me like a dummy. What is even more unfortunate is the response that the campaign is getting, judging from the number of hits the site is getting. What is kind of funny though is that 'Voting No to Excitement' seems to be outweighing 'Voting Yes'. I guess I am not the only one feeling like Casino Rama doesn't think much of my intelligence or their current clienteles. I would have loved to be in that brainstorm/presentation when this idea seemed like a logical step for the brand.

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWCxAXwQO1w)- I only provided the link because all I could find on Youtube was one of the old spots attached to a BMO spot.

Once upon a time Casino Rama had a branded itself as the founder of excitement and that the word would not exist if it weren't for them. And now they are asking us to 'Vote for Excitement'? Seems a little backwards to me!?!?

The only vote they are going to get from me is a vote of silence until they figure out the proper way to evolve their communication as a brand that is the reason for excitement.



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