Monday, April 13, 2009

Pour Out A Little Diet Pepsi for My Hommies

Dear Diet Pepsi,

It appears that the well is getting pretty dry. I understand the 'Forever Young' tagline and quite frankly I enjoy, make that enjoyed some of your last installments to the campaign. It seems of late that the ideas aren't as entertaining as they used to be (re: Pong, Thriller) instead we are treated to some half pregnant spots about 'Recess' and 'Sleepover' attempting to discredit both activities of being 'not that fun'. Are you kidding me? Recess and Staying Up All Night in a tent are the two most fun things I can think of and I would gladly take either or over a Diet Pepsi at this moment in my 27 year old life.

I think it is time to pour out a little Diet Pepsi for this fallen campaign.


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