Monday, April 13, 2009

Losing my Blog V-Card

Dear Advertising

There is a big difference between losing your V-Card and your Blogging V-Card. Mainly the difference is that when I lost my actual V-Card it was to one person as a poster of Bo Jackson looked on, while my blog on the other hand has the potential of being viewed by thousands of readers. All of whom will be judging me on my overall performance including; writing style, intelligence, ability to form proper sentences, use of 7-letter words etc. etc. And to think I was nervous with Bo and Girl X judging me that warm summers evening.

I think I am getting a little ahead of myself by telling my V-Card story but I figured this would be a great way to start this relationship; nothing to hide. I look forward to sharing some more stories as time goes on. I hope this doesn't let anyone down but moving forward most posts will cover more advertising focused stories and about Bo Jackson. For more about Bo Jackson visit my other blog appropriately titles Bo Knows Blogs


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