Monday, July 20, 2009

YouTube Adwords?

Dear YouTube,

Wow! It seems like this user generated content thing is really taking off who would of thought that everyday people would want anything to do with fame and hopefully fortune. I read last week that the Evian Babies Roller Skating spot reached 14 million views. This has shattered every YouTube advertising record to date.

What I find surprising is how YouTube hasn't taking a page our of Google's book and introduced the idea of Adwords to the world of user generated content. When I searched Evian babies I was expecting to see a Pampers display ad to pop up beside the different associated videos but instead received an ad about 'The 6 Big Fat Loss Mistakes'? Or when I type in Monkey's instead of matching the search with an advertisement for the zoo it was an RBC ad that appeared on the page.

Don't get me wrong I understand the risks involved with user generated material I just think that there might be ways to have more relevant material appear whenever I am surfing around YouTube.

In addition to relevant material there are enough YouTube stars out there looking for some fortune to go along with the fame they have received to date. Your telling me that the Star Wars kid wouldn't make a good spokesperson for Nasal Strips. Alright maybe these YouTube stars wouldn't be ideal advocates for your brand but buying the word 'Star Wars' on YouTube Adwords might come in handy for the next Comic Book hero flick movie trailor. Or maybe when you type in Water Skiing squirrel a display ad for motor boats appears.

All I'm saying is that I think there are some avenues yet to be explored on how we might better use YouTube for paid purposes.


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